Ultrasound simulation

MedSim's Ultrasound Simulator for training- the UltraSim® provides students/residents realistic hands-on ultrasound scanning experience without the need for live patients. With over 390 customers worldwide the UltraSim is the preferred learning/simulating solution by Doctors, trainees and ultrasound experts, to learn, practice and becoming professionalized in Ultrasound.

Ultrasound Training and Simulation

Company Profile

Founded by experts in the field of aviation simulation technology, medicine and education with a focus on Innovation in Education at the Ultrasound field. Read more >>

The UltraSim simulator allows students/residents to practice performing sonographic examinations on a mannequin while viewing real-time sonographic images. Read more >>
Education Modules

Abodmen, Obstetrics, Gynecology, Transvaginal Gynecology, Transvaginal Obstetrics, Breast, Vascular, Neck and Emergency Medicine and more. Read more >>
Ultrasound simulation Ultrasound simulation Ultrasound simulation
Ultrasound simulation
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